22 in 21

The Jackson Hole valley lies in Teton County, Wyoming. Wyoming assigns each county a number to identify its license plates – Teton County is county 22, and “22 in 21″ is a symposium looking at Teton County in the 21st century.

And not just Teton County, Wyoming in particular, but the greater Tetons region. In the view of 22 in 21, Jackson Hole is one community spanning two states and at least three counties: Teton WY, Teton ID, and Lincoln WY.

22 in 21 is an effort to help the greater Tetons community understand itself better, and in so doing help shape a future which complements its values, character, and resources. The things 22 in 21 is doing, and the lessons we’re learning, apply not just to the Tetons region, but to any community which inspires passion in its residents.

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