2015 Annual Conference: The State of Our Health

The first annual “22 in 21: The State of Our Health” conference was held at Spring Creek Ranch on Thursday, April 30, 2015.


The speakers were:

1) Jonathan Schechter
Executive Director, Charture Institute
“Welcome and Introduction”

2) Brian Gragnolati
President and CEO, Atlantic Health System
(Please note that at the time of 22 in 21, Mr. Gragnolati was the Senior Vice-President of the Johns Hopkins Health System)
“National Health Care Landscape: Implications for Communities”

3) Michael Tennican
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, St. John’s Medical Center
“St. John’s Medical Center: Strengths and Challenges”

4) Lou Hochheiser
Chief Executive Officer, St. John’s Medical Center
“Healthcare in Teton County: Issues to Contemplate”

5) Julia Heemstra and Sara Salo
St. John’s Medical Center Wellness Department
“Wellness, Community, and Health Improvement”

Videos of their speeches are below. You will also find two additional videos:

a) A question and answer session featuring Brian Gragnolati, Michael Tennican, and Lou Hochheiser. This occurred after the three gentlemen had spoken, and before the talk by Julia Heemstra and Sara Salo. (Please note that, while the speakers were miked, the audience members were not. As a result, the questions are sometimes hard to make out.)

b) A report out from each of the 14 roundtable discussions held after the speeches.

For more information about “22 in 21: The State of Our Health” or any other 22 in 21 sessions, please contact event organizer Jonathan Schechter — js@charture.org or (307) 733-8687.

Jonathan Intro

Speaker 1 Gragnolati

Speaker 2 Tennican

Speaker 3 Hochheiser

Q & A

Speaker 4 Heemstra & Salo

Round Table